Case 1.

Successfully managed Private Equity / VC investments into several high-tech companies in Switzerland and in the United States, with a total investment of over USD 100 million, and the fund taking majority positions in all companies. Actively participated in the strategy definition and management of the companies via participations in the Boards of Directors and direct involvement (2004 - 2012).


Case 2.

Successfully accomplished market analysis, commercial feasibility study and global strategic planning of 500+ ha hospitality real estate development project in the Mediterranean. Issued a substantiated recommendation to the owner to hire a specialized master planner. Realistic down reassessment of valuation from EUR 1.2 billion to EUR 300 million (2014).


Case 3.

Successfully accomplished analysis, regulatory preparation, technical development plan, marketing positioning and commercialization plan, and financial forecasts for a EUR 200 mln/year projected turnover agroalimentary business in South of France. Secured support of a reputable law firm and an international bank for the structuring of the project via a Monegasque ad hoc private equity vehicle to be legally subscribed by investors (2014).


Case 4.

Successfully completed a 2-year engineering project of a 130+ meter superyacht which terminated with the issue of a complete set of build, technical and outfit documentation ready for the shipyard works to start (2009 - 2011).


Case 5.

Supervised the management of the famous restaurant Rampoldi in Monaco and completed the preparative 6-month project before closing for reconstruction. Successfully negotiated and dismissed the 20+ employees without social tensions or any problems for the owners (2013).


Case 6.

Successfully completed a feasibility study for a wine bottling facility in the South of France and brand creation for a blended wine. Planned the technical outfitting of the facility, calculated projected cash-flows, estimated marketing and production investments to perform on the top of the purchase price of the domain chosen (2013).


Case 7.

Successfully completed restructuring of a single Family Office with change of legal structure and ownership (2013 - 2014).


Case 8.

Executed international real estate search, completed acquisition and ownership structuring for a total value exceeding 700 million euros – France, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, UK, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Argentina, United States (2006 - 2014).


Case 9.

Successfully supervised build and oversight, and subsequently operational management of a 65+ meter superyacht, winner of the World Superyacht award in its category and year (2006 - 2010).


Case 10.

Successfully supervised ultraluxury completion of Airbus Corporate Jet aircraft. Negotiated penalties for delivery delay exceeding by more than 3 times the maximum of USD 1 mln foreseen by the contract (2010 - 2012).


Case 11.

Supervised real estate developments (construction, architectural and technical supervision, budgeting, everyday operations) in places such as Switzerland, UK, Russia, Italy, France, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, and USA, with a total of budgets exceeding 250 million euros (2005 - 2015).




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